Coach education - licencing / certifications


PTR - Professional Tennis Registry

PTR is the largest global organization with more than 14,000 tennis teachers around the world trained and/or certified in a standardized, fundamentally sound teaching method.

In order to become PTR certified, you must successfully complete a written examination and four on-court examinations. The written exam, which is available in Arabic, Bulgarian, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish, tests your knowledge of PTR's method of instruction. Game tactics are also covered.


USPTA - United States Professional Tennis Association

USPTA offers unequalled opportunities for tennis-teaching professionals to improve their teaching skills and increase their business knowledge. Today's tennis teachers are expected to assume a variety of business and social responsibilities in addition to their traditional job functions. USPTA helps prepare its members to meet these challenges.

Approximately 13,500 USPTA members work in the United States. The rest represent more than 80 countries around the world.


GPTCA - Global Professional Tennis Coach Association

The Global Professional Tennis Coach Association (GPTCA) is an international organization dedicated to improving the performance of tennis coaches to enable them to help aspiring pro players and take world-class tennis to even a higher level.

The GPTCA is represented in 41 countries through National Presidents who are well-known and respected in the tennis coaching profession.

Thanks to the partnership with the ATP World Tour, the GPTCA is the only association in the world which offers ATP Certified courses.


PTCA – Professional Tennis Coaches Association

The PTCA is committed to providing you with the optimal professional environment to make your career as a professional tennis coach successful. We believe in the values of our profession and want you to be proud of being part of the Professional Coaching Community. Members of the PTCA have to fulfill high standards: all diplomas and life experience are assessed, sorted in categories of equivalence and eventually certified.

ITF Tennis

ITF - International Tennis Federation

The aims of the ITF Coach Education Programme are to help National Associations create their own coach education programme so that they can become self-sufficient in this area as well as to improve the level of tennis coaching throughout the world.

Pat Etcheberry Certification for Tennis

Want to earn more revenue and improve your resume while increasing your tennis training knowledge? Then the Etcheberry Certification for Tennis is for you.

For the first time Pat Etcheberry is offering a certification program to pass along his fitness, strength and conditioning philosophy and techniques to a new generation of coaches and trainers so that they can one day know the pride of teaching gifted athletes how to become Champions in their own right. Etcheberry Certification also provides 4 USPTA Continuing Education Credits and 5 MAP points from the PTR.

MTMCA - Modern Tennis Methodology Coaches Association

With this revolutionary coaching system your students improve every time they play. The purpose of MTM is to make available to the masses a tennis methodology that will, when applied diligently, result in a greater sense of ability, enthusiasm and interest in this wonderful sport. We seek to achieve our purpose with resoluteness, determination and a vision of clarity, good will and kindness, intended to help people play a better game.