Importance of desire

What is desire? The player should firstly understand it correctly to be able to assess herself/himself. Desire represents players’:

Player's attitude to the game affects directly or indirectly almost all of the mental factors listed below. It is amazing how much of a difference can be made by a high or low level of passion and dedication a player has for tennis. Desire means that no one and nothing will prevent a player from doing what is necessary to reach his goals.

Players with sincere desire do not look at making time to practice as a "sacrifice." Anyone can say he "wants to be the best tennis player in the world," but only very few are willing to work hard for it and pay the price to actually become the best. Those who have became the best in anything didn't get there by wasting time or avoiding the hard work that they knew it would take. Ask any champion if they didn't make serious sacrifices in pursuit of perfection. Many might even say they never made any sacrifices because it was always their number one priority to become the best. In fact, doing other things in place of practicing might have been a sacrifice to these champions! The value of anything we do, or have, is usually enhanced by the sacrifices we give by reaching our goal.

Positive relation to the chosen sport helps us to overcome even the most difficult times, and we have a lot of those in tennis. Love, passion and dedication for the sport helps a player to get over the obstacles that might come in his way, but also make it easier to gain new technical, tactical and physical skills and abilities.

Karol Beck (former ATP player): „ In my opinion it is very important, to enjoy what you're doing and how you're making your living - income. I am happy, that sport is what makes my living, because it fulfils me. I was led towards sport since childhood by my parents and especially my father, a former major-league hockey player. I confess that there were moments in my career, when I was mentally so exhausted after a long period of bad results and performances, that I did not want to train anymore. I tried to overcome these weaker moments in my career by relaxing and taking few day's off any training."