Marton Fucsovics

His name is not new to many tennis fans. Fucsovics showed his talent for the first time on the international scene by winning junior US Open Doubles title in 2009. In 2010 he reached the semi-final of the junior Australian Open Singles, and few months after that he won the Wimbledon Singles. Marton did not lose a set throughout the entire tournament and nobody hesitated about him having a bright future ahead of him. He has been rewarded by sponsorship deals with Tecnifibre and Reebok. Fucsovics with his Hungarian U18 team won the prestigious Galea/Valerio Cup in Venice to claim Hungary's first ever boys European Cups title. Marton became later the No. 1 player on the junior ITF tour and as a result entered the Youth Olympics as tournament's top seed.

As many talented and successful juniors before him, he also found the senior tour to be very difficult. Frustration lead him to lose his level of desire and determination. Particularly years 2011 and 2012 were very difficult for him and people in his team worked hard on motivating him to keep playing tennis. In last 5 years Marton has been working on his game at FLTA academy with Peter Mayer-Tischer, gained his first great successes with Hungarian Davis Cup captain and national coach Miklos Hornok, started to develop his game on professional tour with Slovakian coach Jan Solcani and currently is training at ISP academy (Nice, France) with coach Oliver Tauma. It has taken a little longer than expected but in 2013 Marton eventually won 2 ATP Challenger tournaments in (Anning-China, Andria-Italy) and seems to be on the right track. We wish him a good luck and strong health in season 2015.

It took you about 4 years since your juniors’ successes to reach the best ranking of top 135 ATP. What were the key decisions you, or people around you made on the way to reach this point? Should we expect to see your name on the top 100, or 50 ATP ranking list soon?

MF: I was a very successful junior player, but then came the pro tour. I was struggling for almost 3 years with the future tournaments. I admit, that I didn’t take tennis very seriously and people in my team had it hard with me. Then I matured a bit and mainly changed my mindset. I understood, that if I want to reach higher rankings I’ll simply have to put tennis on the first place. For me my mental improvement showed the biggest improvement in my results and I think, that that’s why I could reach my top ranking of 135 ATP. Top 100…or 50? I must keep on working very hard the same way like I did lately and we will see.

All the people, that know you would agree, that you have a potential to be a good doubles player. Why isn’t your doubles ranking as high as it could be? Is it because you don’t enjoy playing doubles, or because you want to fully focus on singles?

MF: I can play good doubles. That’s for sure. But, during the last few years I didn’t really focus on doubles. I just looked at it as a good practice. And of course I want to focus more on singles, since my priority is to reach the best singles ranking possible. Although I will try to play more doubles in the future.

Marci, how would you express yourself as athlete with 5 words?

MF: 1. Confident 2. Lazy 3 Fighter 4. Fun maker 5. Brave….in one sentence I am a lazy but confident player, brave fighter, which likes to have the attention of the crowd...

Funny question... have you ever tried to play with one handed backhand and would you consider that change if you would start to play tennis again?

MF: I really like the look of the one-handed backhand. It looks nice and smooth. But I think, that nowadays it’s not the best choice. Two-handed backhand seems to be a better fit for today’s style of tennis. I can simply play more aggressive and my shots are more powerful with two-handed backhand. I will always play with 2 hands :)

If you could have the chance to go back in time and make some adjustments, different decisions, or changes in your previous career, what would it be?

MF: What I would change is, that I would only focus on tennis and give 100% all the time, because tennis is not only my job now but it’s an important part of my life! I travel to interesting places, meet cool people, make new friends  and important contacts from aroud the world.