Top talent


We know how extremely challenging sport tennis can be, not only in terms of time investment, the amount of effort needed to achieve a certain level, but we must not forget about the huge finances that parents have to invest. We wish, that all the kids, which love tennis would get the chance to play it. Not only those that have a sufficient financial background, or those that are forced to play by their parents. We want to support the players for their desire and passion. Therefore we decided to LOOK FOR THE TOP TALENTS AROUND THE WORLD. This player needs to really deserve it by showing us some courage, love for tennis and sport in general. We want to learn more about this young person, as well as his/her parents and coach. The whole project was created to connect competitive tennis people from around the world as well as create a community where professionals help each other through their contacts, knowledge and experience gained in their career. Winner in each country will enjoy prices worth 1500 euro (player must be 10-16 years of age). For more information, please login and contact ASK COACH in the coaching section, or email


We start with Slovakia, the country with the rich tennis history.

Slovakia (also when former Czechoslovakia) has always been the world’s tennis superpower. Over the years this small mountainous country with just 5,4 million people has raised many top ITF, WTA and ATP players.

Just to mention few:

Miloslav Mečír - Olympic champion, Australian / US Open finalist, ATP no. 4

Karol Kučera - Davis Cup finalist, Hopman Cup champion, ATP no. 6

Dominik Hrbatý - Davis Cup finalist, Hopman Cup 2 x champion, ATP no. 14

Marián Vajda - ATP no. 34, coached world no. 1 ATP player Novak Djokovic

Karol Beck - Davis Cup finalist, ATP no. 36

Martin Kližan - ATP no. 26, ITF juniors no. 1

Lukáš Lacko - ATP no. 44, ITF juniors no. 3

Ján Krošlák - ATP no. 53


Daniela Hantúchová - Fed Cup / Hopman Cup champion, Australian / French Open finalist, WTA no. 5

Karina Habšudová - WTA no. 10, ITF juniors no. 1

Dominika Cibulková - Fed Cup semi-finalist, Hopman Cup champion, WTA no. 10, ITF junior no. 2

Janette Husárová - WTA no. 31, WTA doubles no. 3

Henriéta Nagyová - WTA no. 21, WTA doubles no. 37

Radka Zrubáková - WTA no. 22, WTA doubles no. 38

Magdaléna Rybáriková - WTA no. 31

Jana Čepelová - WTA no. 50

Anna Karolína Schmiedlová - WTA no. 55


Get ready, we are coming to your country too.